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vendredi - oct. 23, 2020

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Venezuela and US interferences: Ambassador Wilmer O. Barrientos gives an interview to « Charilogone Magazine » Internationale Politique Moyen-Orient

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I remind you, you are the ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela accredited to Cairo in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Tell us: how do you enjoy your stay in Africa in general and Egyptian in particular?

First of all, as a direct representative of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, in the Arab Republic of Egypt, allow me to thank you for giving me the opportunity to reach the readers of this prestigious magazine that today offers me its communication platform to discuss on various aspects.

To answer your question, I must confess that, both personally and professionally, it is a real honor and a great privilege to fulfill functions of State representation in Egypt, the cradle of a great civilization and a country with a strategic role. in the Arab World and North Africa, committed to the integration and development of the entire continent, as demonstrated by the active presidency that it is exercising within the African Union.

For my country, Venezuela, Egypt, which by the way was the first African State with which we established diplomatic relations on November 15, 1950, represents a country with which we have maintained an excellent historical bilateral relationship based on mutual respect and entrenched with our coincidences in the development of the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries (NAM) and in the strengthening and expansion of South-South Cooperation, which have been reflected with our similar positions in different multilateral forums.

Excellency, your country is the subject of multiples threats from the US government, including Venezuelan oil embargoes, what do you think more about this American attitude?

The imperial policy developed by the United States clearly demonstrates an obsession without limits that is a clear reflection of the American desire to seize our sacred territory to control, under a renewed form of neocolonialism, the vast resources of Venezuela. In this neocolonial desire, the supremacist government that is now in the White House has set in motion a multidimensional imperial plan to end the sovereign resistance that for two decades has raised the Bolivarian Revolution against interventionism and American unilateralism, both in the regional sphere of the Americas, of "our America", and on a global scale, because, as is well known, Venezuela defends sovereign equality among States and advocates the establishment of a multicentric and pluripolar international order, which affects regional interests and global US, particularly its interventionist and unipolar approach to the management of international relations.

Indeed, the first economic and military power in the world has resorted to various tools and methods to try to impose its interventionist agenda of dependence and plunder and to end the firm will of the people of Venezuela to defend our freedom and sovereignty, and thus exercise our sacred right to self-determination and full independence without any neocolonial tutelage.

Since President Hugo Chávez came to power in 1999, US attacks against the country intensified and, in 2014, interventionist actions reached an extreme level when the Administration of Barack Obama declared Venezuela an "unusual and extraordinary "to the security of the United States. This historic error of appreciation was ratified and renewed by the supremacist elite led by President Donald Trump, whose Administration has used this Executive Order to increase the unfriendly policy towards Venezuela and to motivate an unprecedented aggression, which includes the threat of the use of force military, in order to provoke the overthrow of a legitimate government to seize the immense wealth of the country.

In recent times, during the two terms of President Nicolás Maduro, the Trump Administration has applied a series of extraterritorial, unilateral and illegal measures against Venezuela with which an economic-financial blockade has been imposed that seeks to strangle the Venezuelan people and incite a collapse of our institutions that would lead to the establishment of a vassal government of US interests. As an extreme resource, the United States has sponsored the establishment of a puppet government, ignoring the popular will manifested in the presidential elections of May 20, 2018, and threatening to fill our territory with violence, creating anguish in a peaceful town, whose The main desire is to live free and in harmony.

All these aggressions involving sanctions, the financial block, the commercial blockade and the freezing of assets reflect the undeniable imperial obsession to subjugate, dominate and control countries according to their designs; Under these assumptions we can conclude that the US economic blockade against Venezuela implies:

• The application of a weapon of war that pursues the same objectives as a punitive military intervention, but without reaching it.

• A set of illegal actions, applied extraterritorially, that violate the right to peace and self-determination of any member state as indicated in the founding Charter of the United Nations. It is a violation of International Law and an unauthorized use of force.

• The consummation of crimes against humanity with serious effects on the enjoyment of the human and economic rights of Venezuelan society.

• The systematic deterioration of the Venezuelan population in access to the health system as an essential part of the social protection model of


• The illegal confiscation of physical and financial assets of the Republic by

billions of dollars, within the framework of a strategy of undermining national sovereignty and progressive looting.

• The reduction of the country's income from oil exports to meet the needs of the Venezuelan population.

• The illegal obstruction of the country's payments in international banking for

avoid the importation of medicines and goods necessary for the economic and social development of the country.

As a career diplomat, His Excellency, you are in a better position to explain the realities behind the American threats against Venezuela and especially to its legitimately and recently elected President NICOLAS MADURO, what is your opinion on this point?

To answer your question, I wish to emphasize that the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has repeatedly denounced, before the international community, all the American aggressions against the people of Venezuela, evidenced by the arbitrary, illegal and unilateral imposition of coercive measures. extraterritorial that beyond affecting the safety and well-being of all Venezuelans, constitute a flagrant violation of the basic principles of International Law.

The government of Donald Trump is a government that has acted with fury that knows no limits nor respects any legality, because arbitrarily and illegally took control of bank accounts in the name of the Venezuelan Government and the Central Bank of Venezuela, open in financial institutions located in the United States.

The economic-financial blockade imposed by the United States hampers all operations for the acquisition of medicines, food and other essential goods for the consumption of all the Venezuelan people, without exception. That is why we are denouncing the damage that the population is causing, likewise on the area of ​​production, without caring about the deaths of human beings, without caring that they do not have access to medicines, to food and that the government can not acquire everything your people need, having the resources to do it, because the inhuman block does not allow it, the freezing of our assets and the misappropriation of them

These unilateral coercive measures, applied extraterritorially through the US dominance position. on the international financial system, bring together specific consequences for the population:

• PDVSA, Venezuela's state oil company, has difficulties in importing diluents and other additives that allow it to continue exporting its production and thus sustain the country's income level. The measure also has a negative impact on domestic fuel trade, by depriving the country of imports of fuel additives and the mixture of Venezuelan extra-heavy crude.

• The Venezuelan State can not use the dividends of Citgo, calculated 11 billion dollars, after the US embargo, obstructing the capacity for the importation of medicines and food for Venezuelan society.

• These illegally confiscated funds rest on opaque accounts, administered directly by the US government, seizing discretionally and under arbitration measures of billions of dollars belonging to Venezuela.

• The blocking of the accounts used by the Republic for its commercial activities, under the narrative that they are now under the subordinate administration of Juan Guaidó, generates delays and retentions at the time of importing sensitive medicines for Venezuelan patients.

• The economic blockade and the extreme surveillance of Venezuelan transactions has resulted in the CLAP boxes, the flagship program of the Venezuelan government to guarantee access to food for the population in times of war, to be boycotted to prevent their importation effective

• The Venezuelan government has enormous difficulties in accessing international financing, restructuring its debt or making oil investments, with the objective of receiving fresh resources that allow the country's economic and social development.

• On April 25 a report was released by the independent firm called the Center for Political and Economic Research (CEPR), based in the USA, where they establish an x-ray of the impact on the Venezuelan population of "sanctions" and measures of economic suffocation that the US government applies to Venezuela. This report was made by economists Mark Weisbrot and Jeffrey Sachs, both conclude that the estimated number of deaths due to the economic blockade is close to that of 40 thousand Venezuelans. They also point out that the Trump Administration's measures represent a "punishment", which is a factor that generates collective suffering. The researchers, highly recognized in the American intellectual sphere, affirm that if the US had not taken these measures, the Venezuelan economic situation would not have been affected.

To date, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has not been able to maintain accounts in US dollars and often not in euros either. Most of the correspondent banks have closed the accounts to the main national financial institutions, with a view to forcing a situation of financial isolation in relation to the international financial system:

In summary, the US actions against Venezuela have resulted in incalculable financial losses and economic damages to the Republic. The continuous executive orders of the US government, and the encirclement and asphyxia maneuvers that derive therefrom, have brought a set of losses, significant economic damages and illegal confiscation of an enormous amount of resources in international banking.

It is a permanent and inhumane attack that seeks to overthrow a legitimate, democratic and constitutional government, but which is directed directly against the entire Venezuelan people, attacking its peace and stability. The United States does not want to strengthen democracy in Venezuela, attempts against it to achieve its collapse and undertake a recolonization. That is the objective of his interventionist policy against Venezuela. But beyond that we are concerned about the lack of respect for international law, the interference in the internal affairs of states and the lack of respect for the popular will as a genuine expression of democracy, it is time for all countries fighting for freedom, justice and true independence come to stop this dangerous fact that endangers global security and as I said earlier endangers respect for international law, the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations.

His Excellency, we know very well that the Venezuelan population supports President Maduro. But how long Will this support stand up against the US infiltration of destabilization of the country?

In Venezuela we have a constitutional president, sworn in on January 10, 2019, who was elected by the people on May 20, 2018 with 67.8% of the votes, that is, around 6,200,000 voters, in some free, transparent, democratic elections and with an important accompaniment of international observers who gave evidence of the transparency of the process. The Government presided over by the Head of State, Nicolás Maduro, is legal and legitimate, since it has a popular mandate as a result of universal and transparent elections.

To understand the firm will of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in defending its freedom, independence and sovereignty, it is necessary to understand that it is backed by the level of consciousness reached by the Venezuelan people since President Hugo Chávez came to power and consolidated with the President Nicolás Maduro, popular support that has allowed facing and overcoming interventionist policies and unilateral sanctions that violate the principles of the sovereign equality of States, of non-intervention in internal affairs and the free self-determination of peoples.

The Government of Venezuela, supported by the majority of the population, has rejected all the illegal measures adopted by the United States and has reiterated that it will not bow to any aggression, destabilization project, or attempt to seize the resources of the Venezuelan people. Venezuela is the cradle of Spanish-American freedom, Patria del Libertador Simón Bolívar, and will be free forever.

Africa, by its population and some of its leaders supports Venezuelan struggle against Westerners, what do you say about this support? Is it important?

Certainly, from Africa, Venezuela has received numerous expressions of support and solidarity in defending its right to continue building its own destiny freely and sovereignly and without threats or imperial blackmail. This support is of the greatest importance and has an inestimable and fundamental value for all Venezuelans.

The African peoples and most of their leaders are aware and have understood that this struggle is not exclusive to Venezuela, since it corresponds to all nations, which wish to remain free and independent, to defend their sovereign right to independence and free self-determination.

Your last word Excellence!

To conclude, I would like to emphasize that following the guidelines established by President Nicolás Maduro, based on the level of excellence of our bilateral relationship with Egypt, the diplomatic work to be developed during my administration will be focused on promoting binational exchanges in the various areas of interest common, taking advantage of the potentialities, strengths, comparative and competitive advantages of both countries and privileging a win-win approach that benefits our peoples with concrete results.

Interview realised by:

Mr. Alfred Camus Djasnan,

Chairman and Editor Chief of Charilogone Magazine

and Charilogone Media Group.