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samedi - déc. 09, 2023

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The Inquiry / Gabon spoils: When the fake of the Mayor Claude Sezalory bursts in broad daylight! Internationale

We are in Libreville; the Gabonese will never stop remembering the Bongo father!        Whether it's good or bad. But what always comes to mind is the culture of love and peace, even though their father was counted among the great dictators of the world.

The case Gabon Gate will not stop making noise. Gabonese people feel increasingly uncomfortable even in their own country. They are invaded and threatened by the new generation of ruthless settlers who roam around the power of Bongo Son.

The young Franco-Gabonese victim of judicial harassment!

It's a story worthy of the tropics that unfolds yet in Gabon. The former Mayor of Akanda, Claude Sézalory coiled in a scythe and use of forgery and theft of land in Libreville!

According to a crazy rumor circulating in Libreville, the king of Morocco would be the buyer of the stolen land in Libreville!

Indeed, the young Franco-Gabonese Collin family, residen t in Libreville, 23 years old and already the heiress of the property of her family, is the subject of unrelenting judicial harassment.

In the process, this led his stalkers to break the house of one hectare without the judges have pronounced the verdict of the trial in court on this case of another kind. According to his lawyer: "his client is not concerned and has not been summoned by the courts during these breaks".

It is therefore the powerful French machine that decided, supported by various networks to override the judges and attack. The court case was postponed to a later date.

The same source confirms that Mr. Sezalory in 2018 presented a dubious land title to the court of Libreville to justify that the land belonged to him. Inadmissible, the court ruled against the land title presented by the former mayor of Akanda because the document presented is the subject of a false signature of the President of the Republic of Gabon, Ali Bongo Ondimba. Some see in this document a clear hand of the French entourage of the president.

According to the information received, the young Franco Gabonese is beautiful and well the heiress of his father and is owner of this land of one hectare, by his family who exercise this right of ownership for more than 40 years and besides the Testimonies from the inhabitants of Akanda commune confirm this.

The young Gabonese Franc has started to invest in the field with her mother for years thanks to the money of her father's inheritance. Expenses would be estimated beyond 300 000 Euros.

Claude Sezalory, a Gabonese naturalized foreigner is making his law in an African Gabon, where justice in this case is struggling to say the right.

In this case, some senior officials of the Gabonese government are complicit. Mr. Claude Sezalory, former mayor of the 2nd district of Libreville and Ex. Husband of Sylvia Bongo usurper of his former title to claim ownership owner of the land to the king of Morocco while falsifying the documents of land title of said land and by surprise, all things considered, would be well with the complicity of the president of the high constitutional council of Gabon Ms. Marie-Madeleine Mborantsuo and Ms. Sylvia Bongo the first lady of Gabon.

According to a well-introduced source, Sylvia Bongo visited this site in June 2019. Accompanied by her bodyguards, according to local residents, the first lady came to reassure herself of the land of her partner who according to the same sources would be nothing but the King of Morocco. Further, the King would have bought this land with the complicity of Mrs. Sylvia Bongo and her ex-former husband the Mayor of Akanda.

According to the Collin family, their land was visited last year by President Ali Bongo Ondimba. Ali himself has given firm instructions to the city's administrative authorities to abandon any process of eviction from the first inhabitants of this town. The request of Ali Bongo seems to be trampled on and besides it was not respected. All indications are that the Ali Bongo presidency is under the control and management of his foreign Cabinet DG and his wife the first lady Sylvia Bongo accompanied by an aide-de-camp of the president and many others vampires from the palace of Leon Mba.

While waiting for the real verdict, the former mayor of Akanda and ex. Sylvia Bongo's first husband, continues his business of flying open land with the blessing of high authority of Gabon. Weird thing in a country of democracy, the judicial officer sent to the field to report the damage on instruction of his hierarchy was denied access to the site.

We are in the 21st century but we note that nothing has changed regarding the true independence of our countries and especially the francophone countries still under the influence of the French. The old foreign administrators, naturalized in our countries, reign as masters and benefit from protections of certain high officials of the State which in principle should guarantee the justice for all.

How can one understand that a king cannot take precautions against such manipulations? One still wonders if the protocol of the king could take the necessary time to verify the authenticity of documents of the ground provided by the seller Claude Sezalory?

In 2013 Mrs. Sylvia Bongo demanded that her ex-husband, Mr. Claude Sezalory, be named as Mayor of Akanda commune of Libreville.

During the term of the famous ex. Sylvia Bongo's husband, he spent his time stealing the land of the inhabitants of this town, to sell them for his benefit and here the stolen plots are estimated at 50,000 square meters today. The square meter is sold at the level of 150 000 CFA francs according to the information collected by our editorial staff.

Sézalory, through his real estate sales business, takes advantage of his former title of mayor to reduce the poor inhabitants of the locality of Akanda in nothing since they could not cope with a 21st century mafia dinosaur that is ready for anything to fill your pockets.

Thanks to its real estate agency Alliance in Libreville which deals with the resale of land, the said agency is actually an agency belonging to Sylvia Bongo and himself Sézalory in question!

If we go back a little higher, the first lady of Gabon did not insist on anything that his Ex-husband was appointed at the time mayor of Akanda. The reason is that Monsieur Sezalory has a very special mission to accomplish for the interest of the first lady.

The damage that Mr. Sezalory caused during his tenure concerning the theft of land and embezzlement of public funds of the Gabonese State, Mr. mafia dinosaur did not blame himself for nothing because according to his friends and his entourage: Sezalory of times to the He used to say loud and clear: "Everything allowed him because he is Sylvia's first husband.”

There is enough to make Mr. President of the Republic Ali Bongo Ondimba jealous of his rival business activity with his wife. But unfortunately, Ali Bongo's state of health does not allow him to follow what is going on in his palace. A quatro of the staff of his palace until then we reserve the right to give the names would be at the origin of his poisoning which caused him the stroke and its paralysis.

During his tenure, the mayor received a substantial budget from the state that should allow him to build the Akanda City Hall. But as usual, he chose to play his favorite sport which is nothing but the misappropriation of budgets and funds allocated to the mayor for his own benefit.

Knowing that Mr. Ex. Mayor is not worried about anything at all and that he is the first husband of Sylvia Bongo, as he himself tells the inhabitants he has looted. For him it is the best way to intimidate the inhabitants of this locality. Without chewing his words, he tells the people of Akanda that:

"When you try to rebel against my affairs the police will take care of you."

The man of the Gabonese street wonders for who takes this French Moroccan energumen?

Where is the policy of the Gabonese government, which often asks foreign Gabonese to return to invest?

All this looks like a mousetrap. Faced with such situations, the Gabonese government must be responsible in order to further motivate the Gabonese diaspora to trust and decide to invest in their country without fear.

This situation is likely to throw oil at the fire which will surely increase the mistrust of the people to their government unable to track down individuals who claim the untouchables of the republic.

Meanwhile Gabonese are being stripped of their land so that this man buys houses in Miami where he intends to spend his peaceful retirement under the coconut trees of Florida.

It was Friday, June 14, 2019, around 4.30pm, that Mrs. Sylvia Bongo, Mrs. Mborantsuo and the former husband of Sylvia Bongo, Mr. Sezalory, had gone to the land of this young girl to plan their breakage. There were 7 cars including 6 black cars in smoked glass and the 7th Car belonged to Monsieur Sezalory. And on Monday, June 17, 2019, around 6:30 pm to 7 pm, Mr. Sezalory called on a military engineer officer for the dirty work.

Sezalory already had everything in place for the breakage to take place on Tuesday, June 18, 2019 at 9am, while the trial was held on the same day Tuesday, June 18, 2019 at 11:30 am at the court of Libreville. This trial concerned the Bembo family's lands.

Military engineers and the police deployed their security forces to break the house. The house was destroyed with all the building materials and finishes that were inside. It is thanks to a child that the Collin family was able to get their hands on the video of the case. Police have banned the surrounding population from approaching the site in destruction.

The prosecutor of Libreville could not be aware since the break occurred before the time of the trial. Friday, June 14 at 4 pm Mrs. Sylvia Bongo, Mrs. Mborantsuo and the ex-husband of Mrs. Sylvia Bongo Mr. Sezalory went on the field. Everything has been well crafted and premeditated and even prepared for the benefit of the King of Morocco.

According to our sources, the King of Morocco has already prepared a model for a new construction on the land of the young Franco Gabonese. At the moment the model is in Gabon.

Nothing will be surprising but what is sure the heartless will put their projects on the site in the days that follow. This girl was ripped off all her dreams in 4 days.

From Friday, June 14, 2019 at 16:30 to Tuesday, June 18, 2019 at 9am. The dream of a 23 year old girl was demolished, collapsed like a sand castle at 9am.

The Collin family through their attorney, contacted by one of our journalists, asks the prosecutor of Libreville that justice be done because there is a procedural flaw in this case which in fact does not concern this parcel of land. The French girl Gabonese and of which the judicial decision of expulsion, in its contents, does not appear any name of members of the family Collin.

On the contrary, it is mentioned on the judicial decision that the expulsion was to take place in a parcel belonging to the Bembo family and any occupant of its head.

"From any occupant of his head" this term means that: all the inhabitants who settled in the plot with the anointing of the Bembo family must be touched by this decision except it is the opposite case especially for the case of the Collin family whose plot is not in the parcels of the Bembo family. In other words, we can say that there is a lack of vigilance on the part of the court because for such cases it will be necessary to send a specialist on the ground to proceed with the verification of the parcels of the Bembo family which has not not been made.

Joined on the phone the mother of the young Franco Gabonese no longer believes in his eyes and said: "NO I do not believe more. This is my daughter's dream gone up in a few minutes' time. The Collin family asks anyone who is sensitive to this situation to come to the rescue to help their daughter get their rights.

This case is a sadness whose day will forever be engraved in the consciousness of the young Franco-Gabonese as we recall the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York that collapsed in the United States of America September 11 2001. She will be forever marked for the rest of her life. And no! Why all this?

See you soon!

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